Biden Approves Eligibility Caps for $1,400 Stimulus Payments


The American Rescue Plan is possibly one of the most partisan packages in U.S. history. Firstly, the Biden-backed proposal ripe is with pork spending; secondly, only 9% of the American Rescue Plan funding actually goes towards COVID-19 relief.

For these reasons, Republicans are largely against this legislation. President Biden, for all his rhetoric about ending partisan feuds and working together, isn’t listening to Republicans’ concerns. Instead, the Democrat president is simply working to get the American Rescue Plan passed by next Sunday.

Moderate Democrats in the Senate have somewhat joined Republicans in vocalizing concerns about the American Rescue Plan. With the GOP strongly against his package, Biden is working hard to ensure that every Democrat senator (even the moderate ones) will vote for his package.

Biden’s agreement to more directed stimulus payments

Moderate Democrats in the Senate have expressed issues with the caps for stimulus payment eligibility. In the American Rescue Plan passed by the House of Representatives, the stimulus payment caps rested at $100,000 for single individuals and $200,000 for married couples.