Biden Confirms that Trump Left a “Very Generous Letter” for Him

Biden cofirms that Trump left a very generous letter for him

President Joe Biden confirmed that his predecessor, former President Donald Trump left him a “very generous letter” before leaving the White House on Wednesday.

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After signing executive orders on the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office, Biden told reporters that Trump, “wrote a very generous letter” but did not provide details about it citing the reason it was “private.”

The president added that he will only disclose the content of the letter after speaking to his predecessor. “Because it was private, I will not talk about it until I talk to him, but it was generous,” Biden said.

Separately, a senior aide to 45th President told CNN that it was “was a personal note.” Trump expressed his prayer for the success of the country under the care of Biden’s administration.

The aide added that writing a note to the 46th president was one of the things on Trump’s to do list in the Oval Office on Tuesday night.

Another person said the 45th President did not show his letter for Biden to many of his aides.

During a press briefing on Wednesday night, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki refused to provide more details about Trump’s letter for Biden. She just reiterated that the “letter was private” and its was “generous and gracious.”