Biden Increasingly Unpopular with Independent Voters


With the rising partisanship between staunch GOP and Democrat voters, a new emphasis is placed on Independents. Although this is not commonly addressed, the Independent vote has the power to sway elections; Independents can ultimately determine whether or not a candidate wins or loses.

This is a matter that President Biden has seemingly forgotten. Democrats in Washington D.C. have 2022 midterms coming up; however, their president is having an increasingly harder time with maintaining support from Independent voters.

In fact, new information reveals that Biden’s approval amongst Independents throughout the nation is growing progressively worse as time passes.

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The power of the Independent vote

The Independent vote is of particular importance, especially in congressional midterms. Right now, the Democrat Party has extremely slim majorities in Congress; Republicans need to only win a few more seats in order to get back both the Senate and House majorities.

Right now, political analysts are showing that fewer than five in ten Independents approve of Biden’s job as president. Suffolk University’s David Paleologos warns that if Biden’s support amongst Independent voters dips below 40%, that means trouble.