Biden Lacks Unilateral Power to Erase Student Loan Debt


On Wednesday, the House Speaker stated that the type of debt erasure Democrats want would have to come from Congress. Ironically, Pelosi’s statements about this particular matter mirror that of former President Trump.

During Trump’s time as president, his administration stated that the executive branch lacks the authority to erase loan debt. Despite the remarks from Pelosi, however, Democrats are still fixated on Biden removing student loan debt, even though he legally cannot do it.

Democrats such as Sens. Chuck Schumer, Elizabeth Warren, and Dick Durbin apparently fail to understand that Biden lacks the lawful wherewithal to fulfill this wish.

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Tough breaks ahead

Individuals with student loan debt knowingly and willingly signed up for this. They knew what they were getting into and also agreed to pay back the loans, plus subsequent interest. Republicans and conservatives frequently point this out in response to Democrats’ calls for student loan forgiveness.

Americans who are waiting for Biden to erase their student loan debt will be waiting indefinitely.