Republicans Unleash on Biden’s Failed Policies


Days ago, Biden surpassed the six month milestone of his presidency. The White House took to different social media sites to flaunt this milestone and talk about how great it’s been for America.

Many Americans beg to differ. Multiple polls this month have come out. These polls reveal that President Biden’s approval rating has fallen to 46%; meanwhile, 52% of the nation disapproves of the job he’s currently doing. Polls have also shown that issues like inflation and higher crime rates are concerning to the country’s voters.

On Thursday, congressional Republicans held a press conference to discuss the policies of the Biden administration thus far. To say that GOP lawmakers are not pleased is a considerable understatement.

GOP lawmakers on Biden-era policies

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy held nothing back during yesterday’s press conference. McCarthy stated that America would be collectively better off right now if Biden didn’t do anything at all since becoming president.

The leading House Republican also referenced on Thursday a poll showing that Americans’ optimism is down by 20%. This prefaced McCarthy noting that with Biden in the Oval Office, Americans are paying more at gas stations, grocery stores, etc.; the House Minority Leader also pointed out that all of this is going on amid higher crime rates.