Biden Pushes Democrats to Expedite His COVID-19 Spending Package


Hence, Biden is calling for Democrats in Congress to expedite his original package. This is also in keeping with the White House’s remarks after the Biden-Senate Republicans Monday meeting. White House press secretary Jen Psaki stated that the 46th president wouldn’t slow down work on a package, despite reaching “areas of agreement” with GOP senators.

Biden’s calls for congressional Democrats to expedite his $1.9 trillion package arrive as left-wing lawmakers take full advantage of their slim majorities.

Shutting out Republicans

The GOP’s lack of majority in both the House and the Senate places Republicans at a unique disadvantage. With Democrats controlling both congressional chambers and the White House, bypassing Republicans is no tough feat.

Democrats like Bernie Sanders, Chuck Schumer, and others have professed they don’t require GOP votes to pass Biden’s legislation. Getting the go-ahead from the Democrat president has already emboldened leftist lawmakers who intend to take full advantage of their majorities.