Leader McCarthy in the Hot Seat Amid Marjorie Greene, Liz Cheney Controversies


In Congress, Republicans have many battles ahead. GOP congressmembers are working hard to counter some of the policies of the Biden administration; in this week alone, congressional GOP members have presented legislation to bring back Keystone XL pipeline after Biden’s executive order which ended the pipeline’s permit.

However, GOP infighting and other issues pose serious threats in Congress right now. Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is under fire from Democrats and a few Republicans for some of her past rhetoric and social media comments; meanwhile, Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney is facing backlash for her vote to impeach former President Trump last month.

As the House Minority Leader, the controversies swarming around Reps. Greene and Cheney have placed Kevin McCarthy in the hot seat.

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A troubling time for House Republicans

Democrats are already swiftly moving to boot Rep. Greene from her committee assignments.

Leader McCarthy is not supportive of these measures; however, the House Minority Leader sat down with Greene for an hour and a half yesterday. Thus far, few reports have come out about the meeting; however, news that McCarthy would sit down with Greene arrived after her resurfaced theories about school shootings and other situations.

Republicans’ issues with Rep. Liz Cheney also pose challenges for McCarthy. Many GOP members believe that due to Cheney’s vote in favor of Trump’s impeachment, she’s unfit to lead. McCarthy, unlike many other Republicans, has stated that while he backs Cheney, he still maintains certain “concerns.”

Thus far, Leader McCarthy is in a position where he’s walking a fine line. Explicit condemnations or swift actions against either Greene or Cheney come with the potential to anger key factions of the Republican Party.

Remarks from the Senate Minority Leader

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has taken clear sides in the issues surrounding Reps. Greene and Cheney.

In a statement, McConnell declared Cheney as a “leader” in possession of courage and sound convictions. McConnell, however, took a very different approach towards Rep. Greene; the Senate Minority Leader professed that Greene’s theories about staged school shootings, the Clintons allegedly crashing JFK’s plane, etc., are not indicative of “living in reality.”

McConnell then delivered a final blow of criticism to Greene by branding her as “cancer” to the Republican Party.