Biden Threatens to Revoke Nursing Homes’ Federal Funding


Joe Biden is a president who is choosing to lead by executive order and government mandates. The moment Biden set foot into the Oval Office, he passed a series of harmful executive orders. One of the president’s worst executive orders severely damaged America’s energy independence by shutting down Keystone Pipeline.

The government mandates aren’t any better. Recent developments from last week show that Biden is looking into making COVID vaccination a requirement for interstate travel.

There are questions about whether such a mandate would violate the commerce clause of the United States Constitution; however, the reality that Biden is even considering this speaks volumes.

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On Wednesday, Americans learned that the president is threatening to revoke federal funds from nursing homes unless they require COVID vaccination for their workers.

Biden vs. America’s nursing homes

Biden’s means of implementing a mask mandates in nursing homes nationwide is quite simple. He will instruct the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to make COVID vaccination amongst nursing home staffers a condition for these places to get Medicare and Medicaid funds.

1.3 million people working for nursing homes that receive this federal funding will feel the impacts of such a mandate. This, of course, is the point of Biden making this move. Yet, despite the president’s pension for endless mandates, COVID is spreading amongst both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated.

Double standards and hypocrisy

The current threat that Biden is issuing against nursing homes reeks of hypocrisy.

As many Americans know, soon-to-be former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo forced nursing homes to take in individuals who tested positive for COVID. After this decision led to a surge in nursing home deaths, Cuomo attempted — and failed — to hide the deaths from the public.

Republicans immediately condemned Cuomo, urging for a formal investigation. However, Biden made certain that the Justice Department did not probe Cuomo’s nursing home scandal. The president didn’t care about those nursing home deaths; however, he wants the nation to believe his latest vaccine mandate is about saving lives and stopping COVID.

A fair amount of Americans are simply not falling for this narrative.