Bitcoin Hits Three Months Low Price of $41,000 Amid Bearish Market

Bull and bear , symbolic beasts of market trend
Bull and bear , symbolic beasts of market trend

Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency by market value has dropped to a three-month low price late Thursday following the U.S. monetary policy tightening and an internet disruption in Kazakhstan, the second-largest Bitcoin mining pool in the world.

Bitcoin plummeted to as low as $41,222 on Thursday, the lowest level since September 29, according to data from Coin Metrics. As of Friday morning, the digital currency was trading around $41,621.

The first and the largest crypto globally started plunging in price earlier this week. The price decrease followed the minutes from the Federal Reserver’s December meeting where Feds hinted that the central bank of the U.S. would dial back its pandemic-era stimulus.

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Following the comments, a huge sell-off in global stock markets occurred which affected the cryptocurrencies market in return. This happened although crypto bulls describe Bitcoin as a digital asset that isn’t tied to traditional financial markets. However, in recent months, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies were imitating the stock market several times.