Black Lives Matter Slams NYC Mayor Over COVID Vaccine Mandate


COVID vaccine mandates remain deeply unwanted and unpopular. Despite the narratives coming from pro-mandate folks, the massive amounts of lawsuits and Americans quitting jobs with these mandates tells a different story.

At this point, anyone who is still not immunized against coronavirus has no intention of changing this. The continued attempts to force the COVID vaccine on Americans is therefore leading to staffing shortages and rising social unrest.

In New York City, a vaccine mandate is in effect. Virtually all businesses are barred from allowing unvaccinated people entry or service. Per NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio’s edict, businesses must check individuals’ vaccination cards before granting them entry or service.

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However, this requirement has stirred up quite a bit of anger. One group pushing back is none other than Black Lives Matter.

Black Lives Matter on the NYC COVID vaccine mandate

The Greater NY chapter of Black Lives Matter made themselves very clear. They are not on board with the mandate that the Democrat mayor pushed through. Furthermore, Black Lives Matter says this mandate will engender discrimination and disenfranchisement against black New York residents.

After likening COVID vaccine passports to “modern day Freedom Papers,” Black Lives Matter continued. The group maintains that they will not allow the community of New York City to carry out racism via this vaccine passport program.

Black Lives Matter furthermore maintains the view that this mandate will hurt black healthcare workers and otherwise limit black New Yorkers’ civil liberties. Therefore, the body is vowing to protest until De Blasio strikes down this requirement.

An error from Democrats

In this regard, Democrats’ first mistake was instituting COVID vaccine mandates. However, the next error came when Democrats assumed that only Republicans and conservatives would oppose these edicts.

Black Lives Matter is well-known as a leftist organization; however, on the matter of COVID vaccine passports, they are in agreement with the political right in opposing these mandates.

Moreover, Black Lives Matter helped elect Mayor de Blasio and other Democrats across the country; yet, if Democrats continue with these COVID vaccine mandates, they’ll be alienating members of their own base.