Bob Iger Tells Disney Employees They Must Return to Corporate Office Four Days a Week Starting March 1

Bob Iger CEO of Disney
Bob Iger CEO of Disney

Disney CEO Bob Iger told hybrid employees on Monday they must return to corporate offices four days a week starting March 1, according to an email obtained by CNBC.

In the email, Iger stressed the importance of in-person collaboration.

“As I’ve been meeting with teams throughout the company over the past few months, I’ve been reminded of the tremendous value in being together with the people you work with,” Iger wrote. “As you’ve heard me say many times, creativity is the heart and soul of who we are and what we do at Disney. And in a creative business like ours, nothing can replace the ability to connect, observe, and create with peers that comes from being physically together, nor the opportunity to grow professionally by learning from leaders and mentors.”

During the pandemic, many firms went for work-from-home or hybrid work models to minimize the spread of Covid-19. As vaccination rates soared and cases and hospitalization rates declined, companies like Disney started reconsidering that staff returns to offices.