Boston To Pay $4.7M To Settle Suit Over Fatal Police Shooting

Boston To Pay $4.7M To Settle Suit Over Fatal Police Shooting

In a landmark resolution, the city of Boston has announced a $4.7 million settlement to resolve a lawsuit stemming from the fatal police shooting of a Black man in 2016. The settlement, revealed Tuesday, marks the end of a protracted legal battle initiated by the victim’s mother, Hope Coleman, shedding light on police conduct and accountability.

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Boston To Pay $4.7M To Settle Suit Over Fatal Police Shooting : The Settlement Details

The settlement, devoid of any admission of liability by the city, encompasses several facets. A significant portion, $3.4 million, is allocated to Hope Coleman. Her son, Terrence, diagnosed with a mental health condition, tragically lost his life in October 2016. An additional $1.2 million is earmarked for covering Coleman’s legal expenses, while $100,000 pertains to sanctions imposed on the city for discovery misconduct during the contentious legal proceedings.

Boston To Pay $4.7M To Settle Suit Over Fatal Police Shooting : Amplifying Concerns

Coleman’s legal representatives emphasized the broader significance of the case, underscoring concerns regarding police violence against Black individuals and the imperative for enhanced training and protocols in managing encounters involving mental health issues.

Hope for Change

Expressing her relief at the settlement, Hope Coleman voiced a poignant sentiment, stating, “Nothing can bring Terrence back, but today at least some measure of justice has been done.” Attorneys involved in the case echoed her sentiments, calling for systemic reforms to address the underlying issues.

Judicial Scrutiny

The case garnered intense scrutiny from U.S. District Judge Mark L. Wolf, who repeatedly chastised the city for its sluggish approach to fulfilling discovery obligations and flouting court directives. Despite facing the specter of default judgment, the city navigated through the legal quagmire with a team of lawyers, ultimately arriving at the settlement table.

Boston To Pay $4.7M To Settle Suit Over Fatal Police Shooting : Calls for Change

As the legal saga concludes, stakeholders emphasize the need for substantive change. While the settlement brings closure to Coleman’s family, it also serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing challenges in addressing police conduct and racial justice.

Continuing Efforts

Amidst the settlement, the city reaffirmed its commitment to enhancing emergency response mechanisms and supporting mental health initiatives. However, questions persist regarding the circumstances leading to Terrence Coleman’s death, with conflicting narratives between the officers involved and the victim’s family.


As Boston grapples with the aftermath of this significant settlement, the broader implications reverberate across the nation, highlighting the urgent imperative for reforms in law enforcement practices and accountability mechanisms.