BREAKING: Trump Legal Aides Respond to Impeachment Trial


The ongoing Senate impeachment trial continues to dominate headlines across America.

Democrat leaders in Congress are still trying to make their case that President Trump committed a series of impeachable offenses.

Liberal lawmakers’ accusations of supposed high crimes and misdemeanors, abuse of power, etc. come contrary to transcripts of Trump’s phone call with his Ukrainian counterpart; the basis of the impeachment crusade furthermore conflicts with Zelensky himself who maintains that Trump never pressured him or withheld any aid in exchange for favors.

However, the president is fighting back via his legal team. Earlier today, attorneys blasted both articles of impeachment against Trump and the Democrats who are eager to boot this president from office.

Remarks from President Trump’s Legal Counsel

Trump attorney Pat Cipollone held nothing back this Saturday. Cipollone torched Congressional Democrats for “[perpetrating] the most massive interference in an election in American history.” This comes after various Democrats openly and previously stating that removing Trump from office is “urgent.” Others on the left have admitted that they fear the president winning a second term in office if he’s not removed.