Multistate Coalition Sues Trump Administration over Efforts to Allow Release of Files for 3D-Printed Guns

Defense Distributor Founder Cody Wilson firing 3D printed gun
Defense Distributor Founder Cody Wilson test firing a 3D printed gun

A coalition of Attorneys General from 21 States filed a lawsuit challenging the Trump Administration’s latest effort to loosen regulations governing blueprints for 3D printed guns, which are untraceable and undetectable.

The Trump Administration released a new rule that would open the door to the release of files computer aided design (CAD) files for 3D-printed guns. The new rule would transfer the regulatory control of most downloadable gun files from the U.S. Department of State to the Department of Commerce.

The coalition considers the move attempt to circumvent the existing Congressional oversight of the online distribution of blueprints for untraceable and undetectable firearms also known as ghost guns.

The new rule would create a new loophole that would allow anyone to access the files online and make untraceable and undetectable firearms including AR-15 rifles.

 Trump Administration’s new rule is unlawful and dangerous

In the multistate lawsuit, the AGs argued that the new rule is unlawful and “far-reaching implications for national security” and States’ public safety.”