Breedon Group acquires BMC Enterprises

Breedon Group acquires BMC Enterprises

In a monumental move set to redefine transatlantic construction alliances, Breedon Group PLC has announced its acquisition of U.S.-based concrete giant BMC Enterprises Inc. for a staggering $300 million. This strategic maneuver marks Breedon’s relentless pursuit of market expansion into the formidable landscape of the United States.

Breedon Group acquires BMC Enterprises : Sealing the Deal

Breedon Group PLC divulged on Wednesday its ambitious plan to acquire BMC Enterprises Inc., a major player in the American construction materials domain. The acquisition, valued at $300 million, signifies Breedon’s steadfast commitment to fortify its foothold in the lucrative U.S. market.

Under the terms of the agreement, Breedon will deploy $285 million in cash, facilitated through its robust credit line, supplemented by an additional $15 million in company shares, subject to a minimum 12-month retention period. With an air of confidence, Breedon expects to finalize the transaction on Thursday, a seamless process devoid of regulatory or shareholder hindrances.

Navigating the Transaction

Morrison Foerster LLP assumes the helm in guiding Breedon through this transformative acquisition, while investment juggernaut Moelis & Co. UK LLP provides invaluable financial counsel, ensuring Breedon’s strategic maneuvers align with its overarching goals.