British Charities For Women, Domestic Abuse Survivors Warn Against Budget Cuts


Around the world, domestic violence is a dangerous epidemic that far too many people endure.

In the most tragic cases, women and other individuals lose their lives because of abusive partners. More often than not, violence from an intimate partner escalates once the abuser feels they’ve sufficiently isolated their target and cut off their support systems.

To counteract this, numerous countries set up women’s shelters and other safe havens for abuse survivors to seek refuge. These folks need assistance with gaining (or keeping) custody of their children, getting back on their feet financially, and figuring out how to navigate the world again.

Such services naturally require public funding. Without these budgets, women’s shelters and other comparable facilities would face significant hardships in staying afloat and providing the care that abuse survivors rely upon.

In the United Kingdom, multiple charities are now sounding off against impending budget reductions from their local councils.

This could be a major blow to women and survivors in Britain

Women’s Aid in England manages almost 200 services for domestic abuse survivors and is now speaking out. According to the grassroots federation, multiple charities will have to shut down and employees won’t be able to continue their work amid budget cuts.