British Study Shines New Light on “Bed Poverty”


The importance of a good night’s sleep is extremely well-documented. Sound rest at night contributes to individuals’ abilities to think clearly, perform tasks at a higher level, regulate their emotions, and otherwise function well.

Of course, when someone’s sleep routinely suffers, eventually the negative consequences begin to materialize. Ideally, a comfortable bed, safe room, and suitable living conditions are each necessary for a good night’s rest on a regular basis.

This is what makes a new study covering “bed poverty” in the United Kingdom so alarming.

What to know about bed poverty across the pond

Barnardo, a British children’s charity, revealed that over one million kids in the country either share beds with their families or sleep on the floor together.

Driving this level of bed poverty are tight finances amongst people who can’t afford to purchase new bed sheets or replace worn-out beds.

Amid poorer households already struggling to pay basic living expenses, times are tough. The continuous rise in living costs likewise isn’t doing low-income families in the United Kingdom any favors.