Britney Spears’ dad: campaign of harassment and stonewalling 


“Mr. Spears failed to select any of these eight dates; nor did he offer any other dates or any justification for his stonewalling. Instead, he in effect sought an improper quid pro quo, seeking to barter his deposition for his daughter’s.”

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The filing continues with a plea to legally stop the campaign of harassment.

“For Mr. Spears to contend that he will answer for his actions if (and only if) his daughter’s personal, private life is further exposed demonstrates just how misguided he is as a fiduciary and as a father. Enough is enough. Britney Spears will tolerate it no longer, and with respect, neither should this Court.

Finally, we once again ask and implore, in all sincerity, that Mr. Spears and his counsel do what is right, voluntarily. Be decent. Please, stop harassing and bullying your daughter. Please, leave your daughter alone.”

Judge Penny will make determinations on the Rosengart motions at the July 13th scheduled hearing, in Los Angeles.