Few Americans Support Biden’s Approach to Immigration


Since Biden took office, America’s run into some very serious problems with immigration.

A recap of the United States’ serious border problems

The southern border has faced massive upswings in illegal immigrants appearing and seeking entry. This is notably since Biden axed the Remain in Mexico policy from the Trump administration.

Border Patrol officials have been left to make arrests accordingly; however, even these authorities are struggling with the level of resources that are currently available.

As unimaginable as this may seem, the situation at the southern border would be even more alarming if the president got his way. Biden wants to take down Title 42, despite bipartisan calls for him not to do this.

Thus far, the only thing containing Biden is a court order. Yet, even this is something the Democrat wants to work around.

After having his plans for Title 42 gutted, the president moved to change how officials operate the process for migrants seeking asylum.

The White House says this is about eliminating unnecessary bureaucracy; however, many people view this as Biden’s backdoor plan to let even more people enter the country.