Brittney Griner speaks out: will play for Phoenix Mercury this season


The popular athlete was returning for off season to play basketball in Russia. And police claimed vape canisters were found in her luggage.

Griner, 32, pleaded guilty to being in possession of a thimble-full of cannabis oil, after months of being held in Russian detention. She was sentenced to nine-years on drug-smuggling charges. 

She was sentenced August 7. And she was sent to an infamous penal colony when the appeal was denied in October.

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Phoenix Mercury welcomes her back

“I appreciate the time and care to make sure I was okay and equipped with the tools for this new journey,” Griner posted.

“I also want to make one thing very clear: I intend to play basketball for the WNBA’s Phoenix Mercury this season, and in doing so, I look forward to being able to say ‘thank you’ to those of you who advocated, wrote, and posted for me in person soon.”

“It feels so good to be home! The last 10 months have been a battle at every turn,” Griner added.

“I dug deep to keep my faith and it was the love from so many of you that helped keep me going. From the bottom of my heart, thank you to everyone for your help.”