Builders FirstSource merger all-stock deal creates mega-giant


The all-stock merger of Dallas-based Builders FirstSource and BMC Stock Holdings (BMC) of Raliegh, North Carolina, has created a mega-giant building materials supplier. The deal will boost the new combined company to annual sales of $11.2 billion.

Builders FirstSource is already the second-largest building materials supplier in the U.S., and has 400 locations nationwide. BMC is much smaller with only 150 locations.

The combined deal means that the new Builders FirstSource will surpass what has been the No. 1 building materials supplier, ABC Supply Company.

According to the joint press release, “Existing Builders FirstSource shareholders will own approximately 57% and existing BMC shareholders will own approximately 43% of the combined company on a fully diluted basis. The merger is expected to be tax-free for U.S. federal income tax purposes.”

The press release outlined the revised company leadership structure. “After a 90-day transition period, following the completion of the merger, Chad Crow, current Chief Executive Officer of Builders FirstSource, will retire, as previously announced and will be succeeded as Chief Executive Officer of the combined company by Dave Flitman, current Chief Executive Officer of BMC.”