California AG Becerra, Sen. Jackson Unveil Legislation to Strengthen State’s Privacy Protection Law

California-AG Becerra-Sen. Jackson--Privacy Protection Law

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra and Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson are proposing a bill to clarify and strengthen the state’s privacy protection law.

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On Tuesday, Becerra and Jackson said SB 561 will help improve the enforcement of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) of 2018.

The legislation will remove a provision requiring the Office of the Attorney General to provide, at taxpayers’ expense, businesses and private parties with individual legal counsel on CCPA compliance. It also eliminates a language allowing companies to correct their CCPA violations within 30 days before enforcement. The legislation will add a private right of action and allows consumers the opportunity to pursue legal actions under the law.

SB 561 will ensure a level playing field for businesses that play by the rules. It will provide consumers the ability to put into effect their new rights under the CCPA in court.

Ensuring the robust enforcement of California’s privacy protection law

In a statement, Becerra said, “California, the nation’s hub for innovation, has long led the way to protect consumers in the digital age. And as we work to strengthen data privacy law, the world is watching. It’s essential that we get this right.”