California Greenlights Bill to Make HIV Prevention Meds More Accessible


HIV is a debilitating virus that targets the immune system, wreaking substantial havoc. To this day, no cure for HIV exists. Individuals who get infected with this virus will need to take medication for the rest of their lives to keep symptoms contained and avoid AIDS.

Once an individual comes down with HIV, they may first get skin rashes, swollen glands, and pain in their joints/muscles. By its very nature, HIV does not go away on its own. The cells repeatedly multiply and go on to assail the human body from the inside.

HIV is also highly contagious, with transmission commonly happening via vaginal and semen fluids, breast milk, and blood.

Given the stringency of this virus, it makes sense that people would want to avoid HIV-positive status. California is now paving the way to making this easier through S.B. 339.

Taking preventive measures against HIV infection

PrEP or prophylaxis is a drug that people consume to prevent coming down with HIV if and when they feel they may have been recently exposed to the virus.