Cartel Ambush: H Nortena Singer Kevin Hernández and his Family Killed in Mexico


 The cartel, also known as the Guzmán-Zambada Organization, the Federation, and the Blood Alliance, has a long history of smuggling drugs, laundering money, and engaging in human trafficking. 

Founded in the late 1960s, the cartel initially focused on marijuana smuggling into the United States and later pioneered the use of aircraft for drug transportation.

State Attorney General Juan Carlos Portillo of the Southern District of Chihuahua has confirmed that investigators are examining whether the attack is linked to the horse racing business managed by Sandoval.

She took over after her previous husband, Ezequiel Ramirez, was murdered in 2015, in another cartel linked tragedy.

Portillo revealed that attempts were made by cartel hitmen to kill Sandoval’s mother who was wounded in the hospital. But she had been relocated to another medical facility.

Portillo stated, “We have more or less identified what the people who murdered the singer and his family do and the cartel they could belong to. It could be the Sinaloa Cartel.”