Cartel Ambush: H Nortena Singer Kevin Hernández and his Family Killed in Mexico


A shocking ambush has hit Mexico’s music community hard. Kevin Hernández the lead vocalist for the popular group H Nortena was brutally murdered, along with his family, in a violent attack attributed to the notorious Sinaloa Cartel. 

The 34-year-old Tejano singer was ambushed on a highway in Chihuahua, Mexico, on May 5, while touring the northern state.

Hernández, his wife Marisela Sandoval, 34, and her two teenage children, Angela Ramirez, 14, and Ezequiel Ramirez Jr., 17, were all killed in the onslaught. The attackers riddled the car with at least 150 bullets at their vehicle. The car was left with large bullet holes and was extensively damaged.

 Sandoval’s mother and the couple’s four-year-old son survived the attack but sustained injuries.

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Sinaloa Cartel

Authorities believe the attack was orchestrated by the Sinaloa Cartel, a powerful and violent drug trafficking organization headquartered in Culiacán, Sinaloa.