American Airlines Changes Lawyers: iPhone Recordings in Plane Bathroom


American Airlines has made a change in its legal defense amid a disturbing lawsuit involving a hidden camera in an airplane bathroom. iPhone recordings of children were found on the cloud. 

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American Airlines Changes Representation

 The airline confirmed on Friday that it has replaced its law firm, Wilson Elser, with Kelly Hart & Hallman, a Fort Worth, Texas-based firm, following controversial comments made by the previous legal team.

The switch in representation comes after Wilson Elser suggested in court documents that a 9-year-old girl was at fault for not noticing an iPhone taped to the toilet seat in an airplane bathroom.

The firm’s argument implied that any harm the girl suffered was due to her own “fault and negligence” for using the restroom, “which she knew or should have known contained a visible and illuminated recording device.”

iPhone Recordings Evidence

Former flight attendant, Estes Carter Thompson III, is accused of placing the recording device so he could record the victims.