Lethal Tornadoes Devastate Multiple States: At Least 11 Dead, Dozens Injured


In a night of devastating weather, lethal tornadoes ripped through Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, and Kansas. The storms left a trail of destruction. A at least 11 people lost their lives.

The violent storms, which began on Saturday night and continued into Sunday morning, injured dozens more and wreaked havoc on numerous communities across these states.

As the affected communities begin to assess the damage and recover from these devastating storms, emergency services rescue operations continue their efforts to locate survivors and provide aid to those impacted.

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Lethal Tornadoes Hit 

According to officials, a staggering 25 tornadoes were reported across the affected regions. The brunt of the storm was felt in Texas, where the Cooke County Sheriff’s Office confirmed the deaths of seven individuals, including two young children aged 2 and 5.