Case Breakers urges the FBI to confirm that the 1960s Zodiac Killer is Gary Francis Poste


Case Breakers are challenging the FBI, to follow up on their findings that the 1960s Zodiac Killer is Air Force Veteran Gary Francis Poste who died in 2018.

The Case Breakers claim they know the identity of the mysterious murderer.

Case Breakers is a non-profit investigative organization with 40 independent investigators and sleuths. They are hoping for closure for the families of the Zodiac killer’s victims.

The group compiled photographic evidence to compare a distinctive scar on the Zodiac Killer to Poste’s photos and requested the FBI to check their evidence to run DNA.

They have also talked to Poste’s former next-door neighbors. They interviewed a witness who claimed to be a part of Poste’s criminal ‘posse’. And they talked to an ex-wife of the alleged suspect’s son.

The evidence from the 50-year-old cold case includes a watch that was believed to belong to Poste. It was covered in paint. And the suspect was a house painter during that time period.

Infamous Zodiac Killer

The FBI says the case is open although it remains unsolved. And the Zodiac is perhaps Northern California’s most infamous serial killer.