CBS left Twitter, then comes back, Trump was reinstated 


Musk welcomed back comedian Kathy Griffin, Ye, the artist formerly known as Kanye, author Jordan Peterson and satire site the Babylon Bee.

 Trump was reinstated and he wasn’t alone. There were hundreds of previously banned users that weren’t as high-profile that are tweeting again.

 A number of conservative leaning accounts that got banned when they got more than a million views on a post were allowed back on the social media platform. And dozens of doctors that held opposing opinions to the CDC were greenlighted again.

News that fifty-eight percent of coronavirus deaths in August were people who were vaccinated or boosted was issued by Kaiser Family Foundation. This simple fact would have more than likely not been allowed on Twitter a month ago.

CBS has concerns

It was announced in a segment, titled “Twitter Turmoil that CBS News and its affiliates were pausing Twitter usage out of “security concerns” and doubts of Elon Musk’s leadership. 

The managing editor of NewsBusters Curtis Houck tweeted out, “Pure idiocy from CBS News. Don’t whine then about why people don’t trust you when they can’t find you in the 21st century’s public square.”