New York Adopts New Measures to Combat Human Trafficking


For quite some time, the need for more anti-human trafficking laws and action has been readily apparent. After all, studies and data continue to show a rise in human trafficking, rather than a decline.

Thankfully, more law enforcement bodies are engaging in sting operations to catch human traffickers, along with their buyers who are equally as culpable. Sting operations consequently stop dangerous criminals and spare people who would have later suffered.

Far too often, the dismissal of buyers’ insidious role in human trafficking occurs; yet, it is this demand provided by buyers of traffickers that leads to human beings sold for sex, labor, organs, etc.

Thankfully, New York has recently adopted new measures to fight human trafficking.

A closer look at New York’s anti-human trafficking efforts

In the Empire State, new laws require workers in the transportation and hospitality industries to receive very specific training.

The purpose of this training is to inform employees about services designed to help victims of human trafficking. Furthermore, some employees in these industries must now receive training to increase their overall awareness of human trafficking.