CBS Vice President Says Republican Country Music Fans Don’t Deserve Sympathy


[Former] CBS Vice President and senior counsel Hayley Geftman-Gold was promptly fired after announcing her lack of sympathy for the victims of Sunday night’s Las Vegas shooting because of her belief that “country music fans are often Republicans.

The Las Vegas Shooting

As reported by CNN, the 2017 Las Vegas shooting is now the deadliest attack in American history. 59 people lost their lives at a country music concert and 530 people sustained serious injured. Harm resulted from the gunman’s bullets and the massive rush to flee.

The man responsible for the shooting is Stephen Paddock, 64. As of now, authorities are unsure of his motives and still investigating. However, based on findings, opening fire on concert attendees may have only been the beginning of Paddock’s plans. The police discovered handguns, rifles with scopes, and ammonium nitrate in his suite. In addition to the findings in Paddock’s suite were electronics, firearms, explosives, and thousands of ammunition rounds in his apartment. The police believe Paddock may have worked with accomplices.

America’s Response and Geftman-Gold’s Remarks

The majority of America did not know of the Las Vegas shooting until Monday morning. Many people took to social media to express their shock and sympathy for the victims. However, others took a different approach. One woman expressed her joy about the shooting, noting her desire for all Trump supporters to be “dead” and “six feet in the ground.