CenterPoint Energy Slammed By Customers Without Power Over 48 Hours Post Hurricane Beryl


Hurricane Beryl struck Houston, Texas on Monday, bringing heavy rain, strong winds, and otherwise disruptive weather. Businesses, schools, and other establishments throughout the community shut down, hoping for the best as the storm passed through.

2.8 million Houstonians (along with residents of surrounding areas Humble, Kingwood, Spring, etc.) rely upon CenterPoint Energy for power. Heavy winds knocked out power and even cell service in certain parts of the Greater Houston region.

48 hours after Beryl, north of 914,000 CenterPoint Energy customers since regained power. Though north of two million individuals are still without it.

Compounding the issue is a lack of local residents with backup generators or the gas to fuel them. As of Tuesday, various communities across Greater Houston saw long lines of people waiting outside of different gas stations.

As all this plays out, CenterPoint Energy remains under fire from millions of Houstonians who are eager to have their power and internet access again. Some are also complaining about downed cell phone service and towers in the aftermath of the storm.

CenterPoint Energy in the hot seat

On Facebook, X, and Instagram, incensed Houstonians are giving CenterPoint Energy a piece of their mind. Many feel angry with the provider for not just a lack of restored power, but also an apparent absence of real-time updates.