China Moves Against Taiwan: Tensions Escalate as Chinese Planes and Ships Cross the Taiwan Strait


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China escalates conflict

In addition to the military drills, China has imposed sanctions on Taiwan’s de facto ambassador to the US, as well as on the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and the Hudson Institute, a Washington think tank. 

China accuses these organizations of providing a platform for Taiwan separatist activities and has prohibited Chinese institutions from cooperating or contacting them. 

Several individuals associated with these organizations, including Sarah May Stern, John P Walters, John Heubusch, and Joanne M Drake, have also been sanctioned by China, facing travel bans and frozen assets in the country.

The escalation of tensions between China and Taiwan is a cause for concern in the region, as it threatens regional peace, stability, and security. 

The situation has drawn international attention, with many countries expressing support for Taiwan’s democracy and peace-seeking stance. The US has reiterated its commitment to Taiwan’s security and has condemned China’s aggressive actions.