China Moves Against Taiwan: Tensions Escalate as Chinese Planes and Ships Cross the Taiwan Strait


In a provocative move, China sent at least 71 planes and nine ships across the median line of the Taiwan Strait on Saturday morning, as confirmed by Taiwan’s defense ministry. 

This comes just days after Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen meets with the speaker of the US House of Representatives in Los Angeles, which has further strained the already tense relations between China and Taiwan.

According to the Independent, China, which considers Taiwan as its own territory, issued a “serious warning” to Taiwan. And accused it of colluding with external forces and seeking independence. Taiwan refutes China’s claim and condemns the irrational actions, stating that it will defend its national security with solid combat readiness.

The timing of China’s military exercises is seen as a response to President Tsai’s visit to the US. And her meeting last week with US officials, including Michael McCaul, the chairman of the US House Foreign Affairs Committee. 

McCaul expressed his support for Taiwan’s security cooperation with the US, which has further irked China and led to additional sanctions against the US.