Chinese Zoo Refutes Rumors that Rare Sun Bears Are Human Imposters 


In the eastern Hangzhou Zoo of China, rumors and conspiracy theories regarding rare Malayan Sun Bears being replaced by people dressed in costumes have been denied by zoo officials.

 A video of a  bear standing upright on its hind legs, looking remarkably human, went viral on Chinese social media, sparking speculations and curiosity.

The zoo officials issued a statement written from the perspective of a sun bear named “Angela.” It clarified the animal in question was indeed a sun bear and not a human, a black bear or even a dog.

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The upright posture of the sun bear and the loose fur on its behind had led to mistaken assumptions that a human imposter might be masquerading in the enclosure.

The idea of people impersonating animals seems implausible.

As strange as it seems, in the past, Chinese zoos have been known to pass off domestic pets like dogs as exotic wild creatures. 

In 2013 a zoo in Henan province presented a Tibetan Mastiff dog as a lion. And the visitors were shocked and disappointed when the dog barked.