Efforts to Rebrand Twitter Into “X” Hit More Roadblocks


In late July, Elon Musk announced the company known as Twitter would undergo an “X” rebrand. With the rebrand came the scrapping of the iconic blue bird associated with Twitter, along with questions about whether certain posts would still be called “tweets” or “retweets.”

“X” is here. However, this rebrand continues to garner intensely negative reactions. Some people have vowed to still refer to the platform as Twitter and their posts as tweets. Others are stating the “X” rebrand lacks the friendly and communicative vibes associated with Twitter and its iconic bird symbol.

Another common response to the rebrand is stating the “X” layout and especially its mobile app seems to resemble a pornographic website, rather than a social media platform used by the masses.

However, roadblocks against “X” extend far beyond negative feedback from folks on social media.

Trouble in San Francisco

In keeping with rebranding efforts, Musk had a flashy “X” sign set up at the company’s headquarters in San Francisco. Though it caused some immediate problems.