Chris Christie Shreds Trump Over Legal Problems, “Vermin” Comment


During additional talks with CNN, Christie stressed the dangerous nature of the former president promising to “root out” those he deems as “vermin” if he gets a second term in office.

According to Christie, Trump remains well aware that talk like this could inspire violence from his supporters; however, he just doesn’t care.

The former New Jersey governor likewise told CNN that Trump will ultimately do whatever he considers to be good for him, regardless of any other negative consequences.

More to come for Christie

Republican voters can likely expect Christie to appear at the fourth GOP primary debate. Earlier this week, news broke that the former governor just hit the necessary donor benchmark to make it on the next debate stage.

Finally, Christie has torn into Trump for repeatedly refusing to debate his other GOP competitors. It is the former governor’s belief that Trump lacks the courage to stand on a debate stage and defend his record before the electorate.