Chris Christie Shreds Trump Over Legal Problems, “Vermin” Comment


Since entering the 2024 presidential election, former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has made it clear that he intends to hold former President Trump accountable. Christie is not only making a point of calling out Trump, but also those in the Republican Party whom he views as enablers of the former president.

The GOP candidate maintains that in order for the Republican Party to be taken seriously and have a viable future, it has to completely cut the cord with Trump. This is one fundamental reason why Christie is running to secure the GOP’s nomination.

He’s not letting up with time, either. In recent remarks, Christie slammed Trump for both his legal problems and his comments that deemed those he dislikes as “vermin.”

The latest from Christie on Trump

During an interview with CNN, the former governor of New Jersey stated that it’s very likely Trump will be a convicted felon by Spring 2024.

In addition to saying the GOP can’t permit a felon to run for the White House, Christie also opined that if America’s Founding Fathers knew a felon would one day seek to run for office, they would have included constitutional action to prevent it.