CNN Hits Biden’s Lack of Focus on Inflation


Inflation is a major, yet unfortunate, hallmark of the Biden administration. Due to decisions made by the White House and a Democrat-run Congress, inflation’s giving America a run for her money.

The general public is paying more for gas, groceries, clothes, and other necessities. Furthermore, the ongoing supply chain crisis is causing shortages and even higher prices, as there are delays on getting essential goods for various markets.

Nevertheless, President Biden continues to make clear that addressing inflation is the last thing on his mind. CNN writer Harry Enten branded this as ill-advised and short-sighted in an analysis piece.

Hard hits from CNN

CNN is a traditionally leftist network that backs Democrats and goes after right-wingers. However, this particular writer made his thoughts known on Biden.

Enten said amid the current inflation crisis, Biden keeps “flailing”; he also declared in his piece that economic problems are costing the president the trust of the American public.

The CNN writer later went on to note the current record lows in consumer confidence, along with extremely rampant concerns about inflation and higher costs for goods and services.