The Conflict Between Socialism and American Values


As left-wing progressives and Democrats continue to advocate for various far-left policies, debates about socialism in America are occurring.

The Fight Against Socialism in America

Over the past few weeks, Democrats have put forth and lauded the Green New Deal as a policy which will benefit America. Of course, the Green New Deal contains a series of extreme policies which have attracted censure from conservatives and even moderate-leaning Democrats.

Some of the most controversial and arguably problematic aspects of the Green New Deal include the reconstruction of all buildings in America, doing away with gas-powered cars, and halting air travel. Also, the Green New Deal’s purposed provision of economic aid to individuals who lack the “willingness” to work attracted an intense backlash.

The Green New Deal is not the only socialist policy which Democrats favor. The left has routinely called for “universal” healthcare, 70% taxation of wealthy individuals, and socialized employment. Many Americans do not believe these policies are feasible.

Despite the general consensus from the people of this country, Democrats are standing by their socialist policies. Many of the 2020 Democratic candidates are also supportive of the Green New Deal. Moreover, Sen. Kamala Harris recently raised eyebrows after calling for the termination of private healthcare altogether.

President Trump on Socialism in America

Similarly to Republicans and conservatives, President Trump has announced that socialism will never dominate America. The president delivered this announcement during last week’s State of the Union address. Furthermore, Trump’s policies maintain capitalist roots; examples of these policies include lowering taxes, increasing jobs, and empowering American workers.

Why is There a Push for Socialism in America?

There exists a common theme amongst Democrats who champion for socialism in America. Generally, the left claims that socialist policies will help impoverished and disadvantaged individuals. However, this is where Democrats and Republicans tend to differ from one another.

Democrats overwhelmingly view government intervention as the solution to various hardships which less well-off individuals face. Republicans, by contrast, view government intervention as the catalyst of hardship for struggling Americans. Many right-leaning individuals note that capitalism is the economic system which has lifted the greatest number of people out of poverty.