Congress Could Soon Probe Biden’s Handling of Afghanistan


Right now, Republican lawmakers are already pushing for Congress to probe this matter. GOP representatives and senators have furthermore called for legislation that would entail a plan to rescue Americans and allies still stranded in Afghanistan.

This all comes on top of calls for Biden’s resignation or impeachment. Biden’s defense secretary and secretary of state also haven’t escaped calls for them to step down from their posts.

Shifting dynamics?

Right now, Congress is controlled by Democrats, albeit by a slim majority. However, this could very well change in as little as 14 months.

If Republicans do regain control of Congress, an investigation into Biden’s management of Afghanistan could arrive. A GOP-led House and Senate would also leave the door open to the possibility of impeachment.

Certain GOP lawmakers have already stated Biden should face impeachment; however, this is virtually impossible with Democrats controlling the House and Senate.

One thing is for certain, though; Republicans are not going to forget Biden’s foreign policy choices and their impacts in Afghanistan. The president may face serious trouble if Democrats fail to keep the House and Senate.