Biden Loses Massive Support from Independent Voters


President Biden’s insistence that his foreign policy decisions in Afghanistan led to success is not helping his cause. A recent report from Rasmussen Reports shows that 65% of the country believes otherwise. Furthermore, 62% of the nation remains in favor of Congress actually investigating Biden’s foreign policy decisions in Kabul, Afghanistan.

As a result of Biden’s botched foreign policy choices, Americans stand trapped in a nation ruled by the Taliban. Furthermore, the Taliban has declared a traitor anyone who worked with the United States over the past two decades; it goes without saying that this doesn’t bode well for our allies or citizens.

Republicans are rightfully raking Biden through the coals for the mess he’s created. However, GOP members are far from the only Americans who have an issue with Biden over the Afghanistan fallout.

A recent poll confirms that the president has lost massive support from Independent voters in the wake of his Afghanistan pullout.

Independent voters on Biden today

During the most recent presidential election, support from Independent voters played a role in getting Biden into the White House. However, it’s fair to say that Biden shouldn’t count on this same support again.