Biden Loses Massive Support from Independent Voters


According to a poll from NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist, only 36% of Independent voters approve of the president. When asked about Biden’s job performance, 43% of Independents noted their approval, leaving 51% who do not approve.

The president’s support amongst Democrat voters even declined from 90% to 85%.

The power of the Independent vote

In politics, it’s common for people to think about Democrat voters and Republican voters. However, the power of the Independent vote is not something to underestimate.

Partisanship is deepening here in the United States. This, therefore, means that crossover support from Democrat and Republican voters is becoming less common. In most cases, people tend to vote for the candidate of their party in general elections.

Independent voters are known to sometimes vote either way. They are not exclusively loyal to either Republicans or Democrats; this ultimately gives the Independent vote the power to tip elections in one direction or the other.

Republicans are coming after Biden big time. His support amongst Democrats has fallen very mildly, while Independent support for Biden has dropped considerably. This doesn’t bode well for the president; it’s also not a good sign for Democrats ahead of the 2022 midterms.