Connecticut Lawyer Carole Topol Orland Gets Sued For Employee Mistreatment


Connecticut Law Firm Broder & Orland, LLC (along with its founding partner Carole Topol Orland, Esq.) is facing serious allegations in a lawsuit filed by the firm’s former employee, Kathleen Russell. Ms. Russell, former assistant of Ms. Orland, alleges that she was fired so that the firm would not have to pay her the proper benefits under the firm’s ERISA retirement plan and that she was not properly compensated for all the hours that she worked.

Fact Summary

Kathleen Russell was initially hired on January 3, 2013 as a temporary receptionist. Eventually, she became Orland’s assistant. During her employment with Broder & Orland, Russell alleged that she worked no less than 48 hours per week, but also had periods where she worked in excess of 50 hours per week as Carole Topol Orland’s assistant. She also alleged that she worked through her lunch period and was expected to respond to emails from Orland even during her scheduled time off. Ms. Russell’s complaint stated she made an annual salary of $55,000.00. Russell alleges through her attorney, Anthony R. Minchella of Minchella & Associates, LLC, that she was not properly compensated for her work in excess of 40 hours each week, that her employer knew she worked through lunch, and that the firm did not keep proper records of the hours she worked and the pay she was entitled to receive.