Conservative Groups Move To Terminate Obamacare Taxes


As of today, conservative groups across America are now demanding that Senate Republicans repeal each and every last one of Obamacare’s taxes. Their behest followed after reports that senators may permit segments of the (Un)Affordable Care Act’s taxes to remain in place. The conservative group forwarded a coalition letter to Chairman Orrin Hatch which demanded for remaining Obamacare taxes to be repealed. Excerpts from the letter directly highlight the negative offshoots of the remaining Obamacare taxes. Additionally, the letter succeeds in pinpointing a declaration that Senate Republicans made on February 1, 2017: “All of the ObamaCare taxes need to go as part of the repeal process.” This statement is accurate for a plethora of reasons.

For starters, as the conservative groups pinpointed in their letter, the trillions of dollars created by Obamacare has a severely adverse impact on small businesses and the middle class. High taxes hurt tremendously and while the President has moved to implement beneficial tax reform policies, the Obamacare taxes could easily sabotage his progress. Not only will Obamacare taxes steal additional funds from the pockets of hardworking Americans, but healthcare costs will increase while opportunities to receive care will plummet. Rising costs coupled with diminished earnings is a recipe for failure, disaster, and poverty. Senate Republicans have a responsibility to do what is in the best interest of the American people. Conservative groups across the nation are doing an excellent job in holding leaders in Washington accountable.

Obamacare taxes directly suppress economic growth. The best example of this is the 3.8 percent so-called Net Investment Income Investment Tax (NIIT) on capital gains and dividends. Historically, capital gains taxes have a significant negative impact on capital formation, productivity, and economic growth while raising little or even negative revenue,” reads a portion of the coalition letter from the conservative groups.

In the interests of the American people, Senate Republicans must heed the content of the letter sent to them by conservative groups. Republicans took the liberty of promoting themselves as advocates of lower taxes for decades; it is now time for them to follow through. Throughout the time Obama served as President, the GOP complained about the plethora of pitfalls attached to Obamacare. They whined about the hardships imposed on the hardworking people of this nation and now it is time for Republicans to put their money where their mouths are. This starts with fully repealing and replacing Obamacare and eliminating each and every one of the associated taxes. There is no room for compromise on this critical issue.

Senate Republicans should not have to be persuaded to follow through on policies that they advocated for over a period of years. The fact that they do speaks to an underlying issue in American politics. The insidious status quo of politicians of saying whatever sounds good in order to get elected has existed for way too long in the history of this nation. High taxes are a scourge on success and on the American Dream. Conservative groups across America have made their demands very clear. Senate Republicans must now either follow through or be voted out of office. The choice is theirs, but with every passing moment, the clock is ticking.