From Addiction to Passion


The difference between addiction and a passion is that one is unhealthy and the other healthy. As animals, we are naturally designed to develop repeated patterns of behavior to maintain survival. This is especially true when we are under stress. These patterns are biologically hard-wired into our brains to become active when the nervous system is stimulated. 

Both addictions and passions fit this biological position. How an individual responds to stress or seeks to feel better is depends on their individual makeup. He may consciously or unconsciously seek healthy outlets, unhealthy ones or both.  

The purpose of this? The necessity of a person to accommodate and adapt to an ever-evolving world of change and the unknown. After all, despite modern technology, no person, place, or thing can accurately predict what will happen in the next minute of our lives. How we accept the stresses of the present and of the unknown makes all the difference and the goal is to soothe yourself. 

Here is where the Unconscious Mind attempts to help us through these realities. Sometimes our Unconscious Mind picks a healthy means of soothing stress. These include both our passions and even healthy addictions. But your brain can also choose to invest in a repeated pattern that has an unhealthy effect on our lives. These are the addictions. 

The good news is that when we make that unconscious reaction into a conscious on then our Present Mind can help us choose healthy ways to sooth ourselves. I say Passions over Addictions anytime. How about You?