Copyright Infringement: Artists Sue Cardi B for $50 Million


On a recent legal development, McAllen, Texas artists Joshua Fraustro and Miguel Aguilar have filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Grammy-winning artist Cardi B.

The lawsuit, lodged in the US District Court for the Southern District of Texas, claims that Cardi B’s song “Enough (Miami)” unlawfully incorporates elements of their track “Greasy Frybread” without permission. 

According to the Valley Central the plaintiffs are seeking $50 million in damages, citing substantial financial losses and irreparable harm.

Copyright Infringement Case

“Greasy Frybread” gained recognition in 2021 when it was used as a promotional song for FX’s television series Reservation Dogs. According to the lawsuit, the unauthorized use of this song in Cardi B’s “Enough (Miami)” has resulted in significant financial and reputational damage to Fraustro and Aguilar.

The lawsuit doesn’t only target Cardi B. Also listed as defendants are OG Parker, DJ SwanQo, Celebrity Booking Agency, Atlantic Records, and Warner Music Group. OG Parker, known for producing hits like Migos’ “Slippery” and “Walk It Talk It,” along with DJ SwanQo, are named specifically for their roles in producing “Enough (Miami).”

 McAllen Artists vs. Cardi B

Court documents obtained by CBS 4 News Valley Central reveal that the lawsuit was filed on July 3. Joshua Fraustro, also known as rapper Sten Joddi, and Miguel Aguilar, known as producer Kemikal956, have taken legal action against the artists and production team behind “Enough (Miami).”