Hitwoman in a hijab: The Failed Murder Plot Across the Atlantic


In 2019, a seemingly unremarkable woman from Milwaukee named Amy Betro, 44, flew to the U.K. with a deadly mission. Hired by British father and son, Mohammed Nazir, 30, and Mohammed Aslam, 56, Betro’s task was to kill a boutique clothing store owner. She was a hitwoman for hire.

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A Transatlantic Murder Plot

 Disguised in a hijab, the American tourist attempted the kill-for-hire contract twice but failed both times. After her failed attempts, prosecutors say Betro flew back to the US and has since vanished.

Betro, who has not been implicated in any other crimes, appears to have undertaken her first job as a professional hitwoman. There is no evidence suggesting she was living a secret double life as an assassin.

Her social media profiles depict her as a freelance graphic designer with a background in early childhood education from Mid-State Technical College in Wisconsin. After graduating in 2005, she worked as an administrator for the Milwaukee Brewers baseball team.

Nazir and Aslam Found Guilty

Last month, Nazir and Aslam, from Derby, were found guilty of conspiracy to murder for their involvement in the attempted killing.