CTA picks Microsoft as technology partner for CES 2021 all-digital event


For over 50 years, CES has been the global stage for technology and lifestyle innovation in Las Vegas. Though we are in a pandemic, CES 2021 will provide an engaging platform for companies large and small to launch products, build brands, and form partnerships remotely.


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Nina Pena
Nina Pena is a technology, fashion and lifestyle writer based in Austin, Texas. Her technology knowledge stems from her experience working with Dell, Edelman and HP. Nina’s articles and product reviews cover the latest gadget, lifestyle and fashion trends for the last 15 years. As media, she has also covered SXSW and CES for over a decade in a row. Additionally, she has covered NYFW and Global Fashion Week events. A native Austin, Texan and former San Francisco resident, Nina brings a unique perspective to her coverage. She was a regular contributor for SF Examiner and CuteGeek.com until winter of 2017. In 2015 Nina founded and launched Hi-techChic.com, a site that includes technology and fashion product reviews, coverage of industry events and press releases.