Cyber-War: Hacktivist Groups in Russia and Ukraine Pledge to Uphold 8 Rules for Hackers


SEC Files Lawsuit to Compel Elon Musk’s Testimony in Twitter Acquisition Investigation – USA Herald

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ICRC 8 rules for hackers in an armed conflict

Claiming that “Cyberspace is not a lawless space – even wars have limits.” The document lists the “8 international humanitarian law-based rules.”

  1. Do not direct cyber-attacks* against civilian objects.
  2. Do not use malware or other tools or techniques that spread automatically and damage military objectives and civilian objects indiscriminately.
  3. When planning a cyber-attack against a military objective, do everything feasible to avoid or minimize the effects your operation may have on civilians.
  4. Do not conduct any cyber operation against medical and humanitarian facilities.
  5. Do not conduct any cyber-attack against objects indispensable to the survival of the population or that can release dangerous forces.
  6. Do not make threats of violence to spread terror among the civilian population.
  7. Do not incite violations of international humanitarian law.
  8. Comply with these rules even if the enemy does not.

IT Army of Ukraine versus  Killnet 

Hacktivist groups have often reveled in creating friction and turmoil among the general population, collecting social media posts from individuals impacted by their actions.